Iñaki Hernández-Lasa

Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society

Fellow of the Irish Photographic Federation


Minimalism in architectural photography becomes subtraction for the sake of focus. Furthermore, it becomes visual art when the photographer shares his or her particular interpretation of a building.

Over many years, I have been privileged to photograph the Guggenheim Museum in the city of Bilbao. Rather than a conventional representation, I present to you a more abstract study, focusing on what the ancient Romans called the "genius loci", the very essence, spirit and nature of the building.

This remarkable building is best understood by examining its intricacies and by engaging with them. I introduce to you the language of minimalism and abstraction, which focuses on a study of leading lines and curves, delicate, damaged walls, shades and light, juxtaposition of materials, contrasting elements, and minimalistic forms.

I do sincerely hope that you share my vision and that you enjoy my interpretation. Thank you very much.