"His aim when photographing a building is to capture its ‘genius loci’ – the spirit of the place. Rather than treat it as a mere part of an urban landscape, he prefers to immerse himself in the building itself. He is not content just to represent what is there, he seeks to interpret what others have not, to see it differently, more in sympathy with the architect’s vision. He studies the light, reflections, materials, angles and planes in the structure, extracting from it an essence, a feeling, images which are abstract and at the same time very specific.

His presentation is immaculate...

We were treated to a presentation of the FRPS prints – abstract images taken in the Guggenheim atrium, very subtle, very thoughtfully arranged, and a very well deserved distinction".

Barry Barker, FRPS - Royal Photographic Society Visual Art Group

"Iñaki has masterfully shot many fantastic subjects around the world, among which is the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum by Frank Gehry. For me, from the moment I saw Iñaki's photographs of it, the museum will be forever related with his name.

Maybe each photographer can be represented by one of his subjects. If this is the case, Iñaki's spirit and the Guggenheim Museum's are surely kindred spirits. Iñaki has the ability and the artistic soul to see the art in the buildings that he photographs and the Guggenheim Museum is showing this in the highest degree".

Julia Anna Gospodarou - Architect & Fine Art Architectural Photographer

"Iñaki has been a source of inspiration for me for some time now. His unique and often uncommon shots are always an interesting reference to discovering new angles and approach to some of the world's most renowned buildings.

His interior design compositions express the feeling, atmosphere and give a good sense of the space. On the other hand, Iñaki's architectural details always seem to have a great balance, symmetry and outstanding flow on the eye".

Wojtek Gurak, Architectural Photographer

"Architecture is an art form. Photography is also an art form. But when combined, architectural photography is often just a documentary process, recording the vision of the architect and the skills of the labourer.

But not always... Sometimes, architectural photography becomes art, when the photographer shares his or her own vision of the structures they photograph. This is one such case: www.ihlphotography.com".

Ciaran Whyte, FIPF, EFIAP Gold

"Iñaki's architectural photography is a meticulous search of perfection, trying to show us shapes that have gone unnoticed for us".

Salva del Saz, Photographer